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New Zealants Enacts Ban on Stinky US New Cars

Is There a Stink Bug Legion in Your New Car?
Literally. US Cars literally stink in New Zealand, according to an official announcement that was made in New Zealand last December. But apparently word has just reached US shores this month. Really?

It turns out that stink bugs, those pesky fingernail size brown bugs, can infest new cars and trucks shipped to New Zealand from the US and the island's government officials have put enacted a ban on imported US motor vehicles that are shipped to the country unless they have first been fumigated. Or "heat treated" to kill the bugs. No more stinky US cars hitting island shores - really?

“We are working closely with importers and treatment suppliers to ensure imported vehicles can receive biosecurity clearance where possible, although, if there are no suitable decontamination options, non-compliant vehicles may have to be turned away,” New Zealand's Ministry Biosecurity and Environment Manager Paul Hallett says.

The untreated US car ban is intended to keep the pesky bugs out of New Zealand before they do damage to the country's agriculture.

So, it is from small island nation of New Zealand that US consumers now learn that their new cars and trucks have stink bugs in them. A no-extra-cost standard feature, mind you.

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