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Pictures Can Be Warranties Too

Do you pick up a showroom brochure when car shopping? If so, you should hold on to those brochures and keep them with your other important sales documents for the car or light truck that you buy.

Most folks don't think about it and the odds are you won't get a lemon, but if you do, that showroom brochure can come in handy.

Car manufacturers often put lots of wonderful promises and representations about quality and specific equipment in their brochures - often things that they don't put in writing anywhere else. Those can amount to specific warranties that you can enforce in court later if you need to.

Will it tow what it shows it towing?
We recall one case with a brochure that showed a Ford car towing a good size boat on a trailer. When the buyer's car turned out not to have the power necessary to tow his own boat, which was considerably smaller, we were able to use the picture in that brochure as a warranty the car didn't live up to. After arguing, Ford and its dealer to bought the car back. He promptly went out and bought a Chevy pickup truck that would do the job easily.

And Ford paid the attorney fees too so it wound up not costing him any money at all to get rid of the car that wouldn't tow.

So when you go car shopping, pick up the showroom brochure. You just never know when you might need it.

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