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Accident Reports Now Available Online

Wrecked cars. What you don't know, can hurt you
One of the more irritating things in life is buying a used car only to find out later that it was involved in an accident before. It can leave you wondering just how bad it was and whether it was fixed right. Well, now you can do something about it.

You can now get accident reports over the internet at CrashDocs.org, a new service provided by the folks that brought you CarFax.

Copies of Police Accident and Incident Reports can now be obtained online within days after the event. That can make it easy and convenient for consumers to know for sure what happened and when and where and just how bad it was.

We've had our issues with the accuracy and thoroughness of CarFax reports before but since this new service appears to be simply providing just what police departments are themselves already doing then it is likely to be far more accurate than gathering data and assimilating it into a report that someone besides the police department personnel have actually written. 
In other words, this sounds like a great new service for consumers and car dealers alike. Odds are, however, that consumers will make the most use of it since car dealers usually prefer to know as little as possible about a car's prior history so they can easily claim ignorance later if the buyer finds out something really bad. Like maybe that it was in a bad accident.

So, for now we are recommending that consumers still be careful when buying used motor vehicles. Getting a vehicle history report from one or more of online vehicle history report services is a smart move, but only one. You should also have a vehicle inspection done by a good mechanic and body shop. And if you see anything on the vehicle history report about an accident, maybe give CrashDocs.org a try. See if you can get the accident report yourself.

Vehicle History Report Services Online: CarFax, AutoCheck, NMVTIS, InstaVin, VehicleHistory, and more. Who is the best? Well, that is debatable because they each get their information from sometimes different sources, but the point is to check things out for yourself so you don't waste your money. Don't get suckered by a crooked car dealer. And be careful out there.

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