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Same on Them, Tell Them That

Image from LatinaLista.com
Are you part of the 90%? Then stand up and be counted. This is not a liberal or conservative thing - it is just survival.

12 people were shot dead, and nearly 40 others wounded, by a crazy person in an Aurora theatre. Another shot and killed 6 people and shot US Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Tuscon. 12 kids and one teacher were shot to death in Columbine High School. In April 2013 a convicted felon took a gun to a church in Ohio and killed a man. In Tulsa, two convicted felons were arrested on the murder of four women, still carrying a gun. In Webster (NY) two firefighters were murdered by a convicted felon. If we kept looking, it wouldn't take long to come up with a total of 44 deaths caused by guns bought (legally) by crazy people and convicted felons. Johns Hopkins University released a study in October 2012 that proved that 80% of violent firearm crimes in the US are with guns that are bought by felons and mentally ill people who know how to avoid the simple background check that gun stores do.

90% of Americans favor the most minimal, modest effort to stop the sale of guns to the mentally ill and convicted felons. Everyday felons and crazy people are turned away, gunless, from gun stores where they fail a simple background check.

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The problem is that they can drive right over to the local gun show and easily buy high-capacity guns. Stopping it is not "gun control" - it is putting a control on crazy people and felons. It will just keep guns out of the hands of people who will only use them to kill and maim innocent children and victims of their violence. It is not a "slippery slope" to any loss of your rights either, but it does take away the right of some crazy person or some felon to buy a gun at a gun show. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Yet 44 Senators voted against requiring background checks. Congress failed to pass a simple law that 90% of America wants. A law that would merely include gun show purchases in the background check program. It would not do anything else.

Send these US Senators the Shame on You Message below. Copy this phrase:

Shame on You for Letting the Mentally Ill and Convicted Felons Buy Guns at Gun Shows

Now click on the name of any Senator listed below and then paste the Same on You Message in place and send it. These are the Senators who voted to let the mentally ill and convicted felons buy guns.

Alexander, TN
Ayotte, NH
Barrasso, WY
Blunt, MO
Boozman, AZ
Burr, NC
Chambliss, GA
Coats, IN
Coburn, OK
Cochran, MS
Corker, TN
Cornyn, TX
Image from ProgressOhio.org
Crapo, ID
Cruz, TX
Enzi, WY
Fischer, NE
Flake, AZ
Graham, SC
Grassley, IA
Hatch, UT
Heler, NV
Hoeven, ND
Inhofe, OK
Isakson, GA
Johanns, NE
Johnson, WI
Lee, UT
McConnell, KY
Moran, KS
Murkowski, AK
Paul, KY
Portman, OH
Risch, ID
Roberts, KS
Rubio, FL
Scott, SC
Sessions, AL
Shelby, AL
Thune SD
Vitter, LA
Wicker, MS
Baucus, MT
Begich, AK
Heitkamp, ND
Pryor, AR
Reid, NV

If you want to keep convicted felons and mentally ill people from getting guns, then make your voice heard. Send a message now. Tell these Senators, Shame on Them.

Everyone complains about Congress but the truth is that Congress won't change until they hear YOUR voice. Send these 44 Senators the Shame on You Message. Do it now. And change Congress.

Shame on Them for Letting the Mentally Ill and Convicted Felons Buy Guns at Gun Shows. Congress will change when we get rid of these 44 men and women in Washington who want to pass out guns to convicted felons and mentally ill people.