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The Next Corvette, 2014

The Next Generation Corvette, (C) General Motors
The North American Internatioinal Auto Show starts this week and the kickoff seems to be the unveililng of the next generation Corvette, dubbed the Stingray, a name not used since 1976.

GM says the new 'vette will have more of everything - 450 horsepower (more), 450 pounds/feet torque (more), 0 to 60 in under four seconds speed (more), yet its new small block engine claims to get "up to 30 mpg" on the highway.

Add to that the new 8 inch video screen and an upgraded interior along with body style improvements and you end up with a new 'vette that only carried over two parts from the last generation model (and those are so trivial as not to count at all).

And it's a looker alright. The old body lines haven't changed substantially since 1997 but all that was thrown aside. The 2014 Corvette is a total retool from scratch, GM says. Want more gritty details? The GM press release is here.

Of course, with every new design, history teaches us that there are bugs to work out. So as pretty as it looks, you may want to wait for the end of the model year to get your new 'vette, if you can just quell the adrenline until then. After all, there could be nothing worse than a brand new lemon Corvette. We know. We've had it happen to us.

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