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Economy Getting Good - New Car Sales Up Again
You can tell the national economy is getting better and so is Kentucky's, car dealers say, because people are buying more cars than at any time in the last two years plus - in fact for 27 months in a row the sales numbers have done nothing but increase. And sales are headed for an annual number that hadn't been hit in four and a half years.

In fact, the numbers are so good that on average one new car is sold in the US once every 30 seconds. And that is in spite of Hurricane Sandy's wide impact on East Coast sales numbers.

What that means for you is that dealers who have a hot model line in stock are not going to be very negotiable on prices because they know the demand is up.

Honda sales were up 38.9% over the numbers for a year ago, so don't look for any bargain price deals at your local Honda dealer.

Toyota is still doing less on its numbers, though, and so is Ford. GM is just lukeware with a decrease in market share but with a slight rise in sales numbers. You should be able to get a decent discount at those three brand stores.

Chrysler though? Their sales numbers wen tup for the 32nd month in a row with a hefty 14.4% jump in the last month alone - probably no great deals to be had for you at your local Chrysler dealership.

Nissan? Their market share was modest in the first place and dropped by another 5% from the number a year ago. Maybe they are getting desperate for sales?

But VW and Audi - forget it. They had a huge gain in market share - highest in over 30 years. But VW still struggles for decent numbers.

Bottom line? If you are looking for a good new car dealer this Holiday Season, shop carefully. Deals still exist, especially in the light truck market. So don't waste your money.

And if you get a lemon? Just call us on our toll free lemon law line at 1.888.331.6422. We squash those regularly.

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