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Massive Toyota Prius Recall, 2.8 Million

This just in from The Detroit Bureau.com. After announcing its biggest single recall ever just last month, October 2012, Toyota now admits to more problems that will result in the recall of anotehr 2.8 million vehicles, including the Prius hybrid models.

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2009 Toyota Prius Recall

2009 Toyota Prius recalled for steering system defects.
Last month more than 7.43 million Toyota vehicles were recalled. Toyota wanted to be able to announce that it was the world's best selling auto manufacturer but instead it announced the largest recall in the world during the last 16 years.

While Honda is the most recalled manufacturer in the US, Toyota is fast taking over the top spot for quantity of recalled vehicles, regaining the terrible title it held back in 2010.

The newest recall comes from a water pump problem and a steering shaft defect, which can cause steering problems. Reportedly the recall will also extend to the Toyota Corolla.

More to the story can be found here.

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