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Jeep Cherokee and Dodge Ram truck safety investigations ongoing

About 107,000 of the Grand Cherokees are under investigation. Chrysler isn't giving any explanation for the power steering fluid hose leaks yet but since a fire can erupt from the leak, the danger is extremely serious for Jeep Cherokee owners. The two best-selling vehicles made by Chrysler are being investigated for safety defects.

Turns out there is a danger that the rear wheels can lock up in the 2009 Dodge Ram pickup truck and the 2010 Dodge Ram pickup truck. Obviously, that won't be good news while you are driving down the road.
As for the 2012 Grand Cherokee, power steering fluid hoses can leak and that can lead to engine fires.
About 230,000 Ram pickup trucks are involved in the safety investigation. Federal safety investigators report that gears that let the wheels turn at different speeds can fail and that can lock the wheels entirely, even if the truck is moving at the time the gears fail. That can lead to the drive shaft coming loose and that, in turn, can puncture the gas tank. It's a serious problem for Ram truck owners.

If you've got one of these potential deadly defect lemons, you may want to contact your dealer at the first sign of any trouble.

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