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GM's Fix for Control Arm Defects? Tin Foil and a Soda Can

A Qualified GM Mechanic?
Well, this is a new one. According to one GM dealer, GM has told it to use a soda can and some tin foil to fix the defective front lower control arm in a 2011 Cadillac SRX. Really? Yeah, really.

It seems that in some 2011 Cadillac SRX sport utility vehicles there is a repeated popping noise that comes from the front end when you turn the steering wheel during a tight turn and also when braking.

In spite of work on the front axle assembly, shock rod, steering gear rack, strut mounts and brake system - none of which fixed it - GM apparently had a "better idea" in mind.

Important GM suspension parts?

Tin foil and a soda can.

Yesssiree, now that sounds like a fix that might have come out of someone's back yard, but it hardly makes sense coming from a multi-billion dollar car manufacturer's engineering department. But there it is.

And just where does that tin foil go?
Sort of reminds us of the car made back in the 80's where the engine designers apparently didn't talk to the frame designers and after it was all assembled a dealer noticed that the only way you could replace one of the spark plugs was to remove the engine from the car. Real bright, guys.

So, if you own a popping Cadillac SRX, don't be surprised if your dealer doesn't ask you if you have a spare, empty soda can. And you might be a little suspicious if you see a roll of tin foil on that mechanic's workbench too.

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