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Take the Car Loan Quiz - avoid car loan ripoffs

Lots of folks think that letting the local dealer set up their car loan is a good deal - but is it really? You better think again.

The Center for Responsible Lending has a short Car Loan Quiz that will shock you about just how much money consumers lose to car dealers who set up the financing for their customers. Based on national numbers, our experience is that it's true for Kentucky car buyers too.

No matter what your score is on the Car Loan Ripoff Quiz, your eyes will be opened.

Take the quiz by clicking here.

You can get more advice about cars, secret warranties, buying and leasing tips, and much, much more, by clicking here.

The Center also has a free online Car Loan Calculator that can help you avoid being overcharged. Click here.

The moral of the story is simple. When you visit a car dealer, hold on tight to your wallet so you don't waste your money.

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