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Is Chrysler going to kill off the Town & Country or the Dodge Caravan?

30 Years ago Chrysler invented a vehicle that didn't exist, the mini van, and the public loved it. Now, they are on the verge of killing one of the last two mini van models they have left. And the decision could spell success or failure measured by dollars in a time when every dollar counts.

The new boss of Chrysler is considering killing off either the upscale and higher price Chrysler Town & Country or keeping the cheaper Dodge Grand Caravan and industry spectators are predicting that only one of them is going to survive, according to Automotive News recently.

The $22,000 Dodge sold more copies than the $31,000 Chrysler and price was probably no small part of the reason. Still, money is what counts and the Dodge sold about 15% more vehicles than the Chrysler moniker was able to muster.

You can slice and dice the numbers lots of different ways but in our experience as lemon lawyers, when it comes to quality of construction and the number of lemon law cases the brand makes, the Dodge has given consumers more headaches over the years.

The risk to Kentucky consumers right now? If you buy one of these, you could be buying the model that will soon be discontinued. Pick carefully out there, folks.