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Sometimes Car Dealers Do What's Right, Okay, Not Often Enough

Letters of thanks are always great to get - all of us here appreciate hearing that we are doing good work. Here's one below that we just received that we thought we'd share. The consumer had gotten a new car only to find out there was an immediate problem and here's what happened.

Dear Linda Montgomery,

I spoke with you and Mr. Burdge last Friday regarding a problem purchasing a new car.  Mr. Burdge asked that I notify him of the outcome.

I prepared a letter according to his instructions, sending one copy to the dealership via certified mail / return receipt - and hand delivered a second copy with the [car's] remaining key and window sticker to the dealership.

I received an "urgent" call from the new car manager Monday, who said he was prepared to provide me with another car.  I explained that I had rejected and canceled the purchase.  He initially said I would have to buy a car or he would turn it over to the "attorneys".  I told him I had consulted and paid an attorney for advice, that I was following the advice, and I was looking forward to testifying under oath in court to what had transpired, as I had kept a log of events.  If a full refund was issued, I would consider the matter closed.  He apologized and said he would refund my money.

This afternoon I picked-up the dealership refund check for the deposit and the credit card credit invoice for the vehicle service contract refund.

Thank you for your help,
[GS - Cincinnati].

It's really nice to see that every once in awhile (not often enough) a car dealer will do what they are supposed to do without the consumer having to actually file a case in court to get it done. But for those times when you need the right advice, call us. Helping people get rid of lemon cars is what we do. Always has been. Always will.

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