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Kentucky - Don't cross the river

Kentucky's lemon law helps Kentucky residents get rid of their lemon cars and trucks and get maximum relief in minimum time - but don't cross the river.

A little known part of the Kentucky motor vehicle lemon law says that it only covers vehicles that Kentucky residents for vehicles they  have bought inside Kentucky. Go to Cincinnati and the Kentucky Lemon Law won't cover you. Driver up into Indiana and you get no lemon law help. Take a trip over the line to Tennessee and you are on your own.

If it isn't bought in Kentucky, don't turn to Kentucky laws for help. It's one reason to shop local for your next new car or new truck.

But shop careful too. Watch out for the "negative equity" scam that some Kentucky car dealers try to pull over on you. If the dealer says that your trade in vehicle isn't worth what you owe on it but don't worry because they can take care of it for you - watch it! Here comes the scam.

First of all, don't take their word for it. Look at the newspaper ads and check out online web sites for used car values so you know what your trade in is really worth before you go shopping. Second, find out what your loan balance really is before you go shopping too. Many people believe the dealer when sometimes the dealer doesn't even check to see what the pay off might be.

Third, worst of all, some car dealers will just plain lie to you. Yes, it happens. Not all car dealers are honest businesses - even in Kentucky. They know that if they can steal your trade in for less than what it is really worth, then they can make even more profit out of your deal when they go to sell your trade in to someone else. Car dealers call that the "back end" of  your deal. They make money off you (that's the front end) and also off the back end (that's what happens later).

And if you get a lemon, call us on our Toll Free Kentucky Lemon Law Hotline at 1.888.331.6422 or email us right now for a free lemon law case review. And if you get ripped off by a Kentucky car dealer, call us for a free case review or email us for help.

Getting rid of lemon cars in Kentucky, that's what we do. Getting back your money? Well, that's only fair too.

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