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Are your Kentucky Lemon Law rights running out on you? Maybe faster than you think

 A lot of folks seem to think that since the Kentucky lemon car law has a "lemon law rights period" of only one year from the first retail sale or 12,000 miles of operation, then that is when you have to file any kind of lemon law claim under the Kentucky lemon law statute. Actually, that is not true - but it isn't much longer than that.

The real time limit to file a Kentucky lemon law claim is within two years after you got your new car or truck. As long as you file within time, your lemon law rights are preserved and you may be entitled to your money back or a replacement car or truck or motorcycle or rv. If you wait too long though - you can be out of luck.

So be careful that your dealer doesn't let your lemon defects drag out, or that the manufacturer doesn't stall or delay, because you could lose your lemon law case on a technicality. Don't think they would do that to you? Don't bet on it.

And be sure to build your evidence right. Every time you go in the repair shop, make notes on what you said and what they said back to you - and the dates and times when your lemon car went in and when it came out. If you can't prove your case, you can lose your rights and find yourself stuck with a lemon. That may not be fair (we agree with you on that) but it is the law.

And if you've got a lemon and your dealer isn't taking care of you, call us on our Toll Free Kentucky Lemon Law Hotline at 1.888.331.6422. Or email us for free lemon law help. It's what we do.

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