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Cars Rolling Over Are Dangerous - Check Crash Test Results Before You Buy

For years federal safety investigators have been crash testing motor vehicles and reporting which ones can stand up to a severe impact - and which ones can't. Safety-minded buyers have paid attention and crash results have made manufacturers build them better.

Starting with 2011 models, tougher tests and a tougher 5 star rating system now provides even more info about safety and crash avoidance technologies built into today's cars. The newer test designs are so different that safety investigators say that you can't compare the new results of a particular model with the old-style results at all.

So if you're looking at a 2010 or older used car for a safety rating, it takes a little figuring out to see what vehicle is safer than another one. But for 2011 model year and newer, you can simply county the number of safety stars that NHTSA (that's the safety investigator's agency) has awarded each vehicle make and model. More stars equal safer cars. 5 stars is the best and one star is the lowest on the safety star scale. Hint - that's not something you want to be riding in if you are in a severe crash.

You can learn more about crash tests and results on this web page, click here.

So don't waste your money on an unsafe vehicle or on a lemon. Play it safe and check the rating before you put down your hard earned money.

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